Veterans Week


Saturday, November 13, from 7 to 10 p.m.,

Connie Barbour Room, BFUU, Bonita Ave. and Cedar St., Berkeley,





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Annie and the Vets

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Vic Sadot

Julie Smolin

ben Avrám

                                       AND SURPRISE GUESTS

                  Refreshments will be available.

BENEFIT—Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU) for BFUU and antiwar work of the War and Law League (WALL).

Donation, pleaseat least $10 suggested. (Short of funds? Come anyway.)

Donors signing with WALL get the new pamphlet Our Longest War.

See directions to BFUU at or call (510) 841-4824. For more info: call Jeannette (415) 738-8298, or email

      Come hear Berkeley’s singer-songwriter, Vic Sadot; Annie and the Vets (Anne E. and Phil Pflager, and George Johnson), an ensemble of Veterans for Peace “promoting peace through music”; Julie Smolin, versatile violinist and singer; Daniel Zwickel ben Avrám, singer, guitarist, and composer; and, well, come and see!

     Veterans Day is officially observed on November 11. It began in 1954 as a new designation for Armistice Day, which marked the end of World War I.